Friday, May 12, 2017

Which Aussie Pollies are most like President Trump

Most of us are surprised that Donald Trump has become the new  president of the United States .
No one like him has ever got the opportunity to change the world in the USA .
Maybe this is happening elsewhere - esp with the French the Greeks. Leaders who have no background to back them.  
Without taking sides,  I am suggesting we discuss the TRUMP PHENOMENON (TP )and whether we see signs of it in our own country .
Former advisor to the Greek Presidents has helpfully talked ( on ABC Radio National) to the phenomenon of insiders and outsiders in leadership struggles . Why is this news to us ?

 If he is right,  both the left and the right are in deep trouble - because these old clubs and their rhetoric are not working - Outsiders are more likely to take control than we ever expected ,
Clearly the once hallowed shared doctrines of reason and reasonability working for the good of democracy  are being REJECTED- the values that were our democracies food are long gone and now the mere shell is about to fall.
 Whether left or right , the ruling party in a  democracy in a technological world that doesn't work is thrown out . The parties are not only being thrown out , they throw their own out . The reasons espoused by the powerful old groups are limiting them
Please contribute your thoughts on the phenomenon

Let me suggest that , as Bertolt Brecht said of Hitler (" the bitch that bore him is in heat again")" that a  particular person may not be the best way to understand the phenomenon that rightly concerns us .

Some characteristics of TP are listed in an earlier post .

I will suggest that the current Leader of the greens Richard di Natale is the most Trump like  because the only thing that seems to matter to him is his passion for what  he thinks is needed . He is the most convinced that  he and the greens could make Austalia great again - but really has no idea how to really do it .

Sure he talks about worthy causes but where is his ability to negotiate and appreciate real world solutions and the other side of the praxis  story?
Donald trump seems to exhibit TP less after 100 days than Di Natalie seems to after years in office . A privilege of unrepresentative opposition ?
If we get an odd ball - which is worse s>
One who admits he doesn't know or one who for years thinks he knows ? 

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