Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leaders need all the help they can get

 And can be at their worst when they don't know so . When they don't listen to someone who says yes Minister BUT . or  .
You may not have ever been close enough to see how stupidity "is reasoned " but let me tell you one common way i have seen many times .
  1. A leader who thinks he can improve on the actual process of governance  can get him into big trouble .( Reflect on Churchill s'quote ) By paying consultants instead of consulting the people ( Proverbs 11:14 -written on the floor of parliament) leaders can get a false sense of security . 
  2. Never assume that a popular solution will work because ours and their calling is to consider oikonomic matters very carefully . .
We should know that New is not always better because we don't believe that progress is automatic ,like some around us do - remember the Emperor's new clothes.( read J.Ellul)

Why did our forefathers encourage us to pray for our leaders? Leaders need  all the help they can get and they at least knew that .