Monday, March 14, 2016

Its all about TRUMP

No it can't be all about Donald TRUMP . It must ALSO  be about the people .
Until we look at ourselves   we won't really understand why the face of stupidity stares right back at us , The hypocrisy

The presumption  that government should ACT  when we don't.

The government should KNOW what its doing when we don't

Most importantly of all for this moment

The government should act tough when we have been

Despite this weak moment in history and perception ( That its all determined )

WE have the power
we are the ricest people in history and can make it work

Are we not decieved? if so by whom? 

We abandon the freedom and call for personal responsibility for the security of tyranny

Who is voting for him ?
Are young people voting for him because the only thing they are interested in is entertainment , After all isn't that the sort of thing we taught them at home and at school?