Friday, May 27, 2016

One Wonderful Wednesday

I talk a lot ( please be patient and listen this time) but this Wednesday I saw the most powerful standing in silence I have ever seen.   Hours of it --It was beautiful - to be treasured forever .
I love the system of governance we have inherited. Seldom have I loved it as much as I did  on Wednesday when I stood with 3 groups outside Parliament (Victoria)
eh -Its hard to love it at moment with all the noise and superficiality ( 4wks to election)

The very founders of our Colony put gold in the roof and green wisdom on the floor , We hopefully will continue to do the same.
Study it and show yourself truly following their reliable wisdom that's fixed on the floor .IiTs beauty is more than skin deep - reliable resilient.  A place of noise yes but a place where the framework for  peace and rest has been set .
To be continued shortly

Monday, May 02, 2016

Can any good come out of ABCTV ?

Clearly yes . Tonights more interesting QANDA program probably has nothing to do with formula but  more to do with a lack of one -the old one (stacked)  .
Few polys , real diversity and few interruptions and directions by Jones always helps.
The great question and statements by the  young voter in dark suit were not adequately addressed, This is an area where SABC have little credibility - with young people .  ABCTV followup of him would make more sense than next week's worry or whatevers new campaign

The young blokes concern that BB adults are out of touch was demonstrated,  if not discussed.
All hands to him and others like him .
The Libs need to worry as Pru  seemed least exposed to the realities on the street.