Sunday, May 24, 2015

Confusing ourselves

I like it when Arts grads like Art , but I would,  if I was Mark Scott,  insist they limit their appreciation to some Good Art that's gone before.  If ABC reactionaries  don't grow up soon they will have forgotten that despite the inadequate of the past , there was some good succinct stuff that we learnt from our parents , and they theirs.
This shallow excuse of "evolving progress"  is not demonstatable and its annoying because most of us know better; we know better than to have faith in mere mechanism . Its a god assumption - Ok if that god is that capable . Clearly its leadng the left into a false hope in the power of government and the higher taxes to do that
For a  biologist like me,  its altogether too much;  Claiming evolution territory that noone really owns it  doesn't even get past amino acids and adaption and its not faultless or visionary   .

We don't see  enough good old Art as it is /was ( meddle with Chesteron last week) on ABC  which brings me to my second point .
That I wish ABC journos would stop trying to do science .They inevitably confuse correlation with causation . They only seem to have time for One "why" or "howasat" question ---- all they have time for before they "move on ". No wonder our kids and people aren't learning .

One question is, let me tell you , never enough for a thinking person, let alone a scientist . Sure journos  can comment in their own right on" chances of  this and chances of that " like Chris Uhlmann does ad infinitum -- but please ---not while reporting .
Suddenly whats happening in Ireland is important - of course;;;I see ;; they voted on gay marriage.To be really up with it,  we suddenly do what the Irish do - its a bit irish isn't it ? Like Al Gore and investing in carbon stocks Or Greens and Green Labor ( Carbines and co in Victoria ) call for making water some years ago

If they rememeber , George Orwell suggests that game chasing is a perfect recipe for missing the scoop.  Maybe they don't remember their science of good journalism -surely they don't believe this new counter cultural doctrine --"the latest innovations is best -- its evolving ???" Good science builds on work of others ..........dummies.  Clearly its another example of confusing your own noted item of coorelation and calling it casuation--- wow .

What I hate  ( cause it misleads listeners ) is the adjectives added to news reports. It not hard to tell which person "the reporter "doesn't like .

Eg the report on the brumbies in the high country cull tonight  . "Politically that will never fly " Well neither would Jack sparrows dogs if it wasn't for Barnabys common sense attack on the Politically Correct . Behind , not outfront and prophetic Now we have to bludgeon Barnaby - unwatchable ABC

All it takes for evil to prosper is for the media to solve the worlds problems in a moment - their moment of fame or frame . Trade of beef to Indonesia another eg  Population control amongst people on boats ( today)

Stop making fools of yourselves and do your jobs properly. Be truly part of the respectful of other professions in the clever country.  How about you actually ring up someone OTHER than your favourites!!
Our children need real jobs so they can use their science training .Not you and the Greens and now Labors leader  pretending to know things they don't. ( that he could solve the rfeuge crisis if only TONY would listen )