Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sustainable or screw you jack economics ?

Trickle down doesn't always work. Blaming rich people prevents a  focus on the real reasons it doesn't work. I propose  a reform that might help better target the confusion.
The trickle down squash effect.
You heard it first on blogger 20th July 2012 ( Note its not meant to address urban and non rural realities )
The idea being that competition policy has its limits - quite natural limits . While it can work up top in retail and construction (where margins are more predictable and products more durable)   at the top, ---the uncertainties at the bottom put far too much pressure on the land and those who work the land .
 The people who feed us are often very poor and the way to reduce this huge destabilizing thing is for the 90% of people who live in cities to "not screw " the environment and those who seek to care for it . Screwing the system is acceptable in some industries but not clearly in agriculture,where margins are seldom predictable and often negative. The supply and demand curves provide succour only for speculators !( please note that in gambling only the fastest, most focused and most well heeled can be expected to win ; the hangers on and the trickle down addicts are their own worst enemies )

All industry is not the same and its not sensible to assume the people will benefit by screwing the lot ;governments love affair with market economics and the easy and quick dollar is a big problem here in australia .  .

Sound  life and economic  activity builds on diversity, not uniformity. Sharing not screwing the system .

We producers are, like the Afgans, under pressure to  all end up growing opium and fuel for the rich if the quick fix market gurus keep having their way