Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Trumpers and the waste they create

Note on the name TRUMPERS ( 17th March 2017) While stimulated by the phenomenon of President Donald Trump and his quickfix solutions, my idea in making up the word TRUMPERS is to find a new expression for a very old disease phenomenon in the recent Western tradition-- the word also carries the image of a pretty card which miraculously breaks the rules of reason in the game. There is a lot of sound common sense in playing cynic with every new complete savior technology and quick fix presented by wannabes .
This is what the well respected sociology Professor Jaques Ellul tried to tell the West nearly one hundred years ago . A.N Whitehead did also
The new saviors are typically not COMPLETE solutions ,There is ALSO a lack of real perspective , the need for catch up and a failure to really face the limits of what caused the problem .
Some other catch ups to come
  1. - a lack of recognition that Trumping is what got our wannabes to try and make water -----Australia
  2. -- the lack of recognition by taxpayers that Trumping ideas are what many poorly trained ignorant ideas people public servants licence themselves to practice when they sit down to work each day (Rob Sitch's honesty in Utopia ABC)
  3. - the suck eggs revelations we see trotted out post disaster by the press. Many disasters have a strong man made component that is not acknowledged, let alone understood by observers in the media.( Not OUR problem)
  4. -unseen consequences :the experiments this excitement about "new" creates results IS defunding of the old practices and any great commitment to their further refinement ( huge issue across the public service where its growing inability to do old things better is testimony to its changes of direction ( The imposition of a CEO - a change everything often type leader??) loss of real understanding of the wickedness of political problems.
  5. - ignorantly asserts world leadership of the particular wannabe and the need to change things that aren't broken. Fixers are out of a job and sycophants get one
  6. - As its driven by public servants ,wannabes and the public desperation for hope, it usually lacks cost control, realism and sound cost benefit analysis. It is rightly asserted as quick fix
  7. - the dressing up of old as new is an irrational and unsound reality . windmills , fossil fuel and hydro use are not new ( all advocated as if new today
Minor things to check before Weatherill, Freydenberg and the public will see daylight ( only a few)
-The cost to the community of high momentum additions to cars and trucks with heavy batteries
- the inefficiency of DC power for reliable delivery of power over distance.
-foot prints of creation are ignored in Li-Ion case just as they are if we use gas instead of coal.( CO2 outputs similar
-- the way they have switched on and off solar and gas research at a whim
- limits of resources to build such a huge volume of batteries
-the lack of efficient opportunities and probable poor cost benefit of new hydro in Australia
-ongoing explosions risks as there is no likelihood of ever getting better than storing 1,5 volts per cell making chemical storage of KW and high voltage DC a costly and risky physical presence -- their own excitement generated in part by their own ignorance of how things work ( yes they are not alone !)
Most importantly The HUGE and ever present problem is the lack of perspective NOT provided to the public by our problem solving press and their vulnerability to Trumping philosophies.
example :No press campaign as yet stated the LIKELY reality that petrol will be the most likely future fuel because of its easy transport , high energy value and ease of manufacture from algae and other renewable plant material.
Perspective is what we are denied by trusting in Trumpers.; these well dressed glorious desperate dinosaurs that call themselves gods. .