Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Climate Change is CLEARLY the reason for all our problems

Today 21st March .
The National Press Club ran a very inadequate panel discussion on a subject that deserves more of the same. Rural poverty and the real risks of food production substitution .  However the silly distraction that CC forced on the discussion meant that KEY political will questions were missed .  "The problem of exploitation of rural sector did not arise because of climate change.
Our leaders waste our time and taxes getting distracted from real drivers ." 

The agricultural experts on the panel seemed have no idea that these well intentioned discussions have been going on for eons , and do nothing to solve the bigger picture issues BECAUSE they are doing the same thing as those before -- they accept the nonsense that productivity is the problem . Do your homework guys or go home !( esop thoise of you that want conservation  to cut  more deeply )

CC and CT credibility is at an all time low.  Now the press must carry some of the blame . They broadcast just about anything that puts CC on the agenda . Key reporters like Duffy's last week on Cape Grim  suggest that " both droughts and floods are the result of CC" . Even if the sciences and geol record would  support him ( they don't) , he appears to many as if he is trying,  like the greens,  to have it both ways .
In Santayana's  terms, these are the times , (when the argument is being shored up by doubled up efforts,)    that the label of fanatical is to be expected .Certainly  the air is filled with a sense of that being the case . Who then is being the most fanatical here ?

CC and carbon tax now don't even target the whole carbon economy focusing now largely on coal . " Clean energy future " talk should focus on petrol , diesel and gas and biofuels to be credible.  The government is not credible on Carbon econmy and even the greens and independents seem unable to say so . The 1000's of pages to " make it work " beggars belief from even the least educated person in the country .

Interestingly the PM reckons that the opposition leaders is running a fear campaign .Fanatics love to use the fear tactic .  Is the truth then closer to " takes one to know one "

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's our job to worry

Whenever our wannabes have some doubts about their propensity to cry wolf  they comfort themselves in their panic driven moments by saying" its our job to worry" . Without Greenlabor they think "who else is going to look after the environment "  . "We can't trust farmers and we certainly can't trust those who represent industry"  all important questions .
But its not their job to worry. Its their job to get to the heart of the matter .

Professional scientists who specialize in risk don't worry - well not nearly as much as most others who find variability a threat to their 2 ledger driven lives .  . The best way to avoid unreasonable worry is To get advice that uncovers the risk manager and let him speak .
That is as long as your next term in office isn't dependant on YOU solving a problem ; A problem that you have beat up into something you can fix . A real catastrophe.