Monday, April 28, 2014

Edge or Centre politics

Most politicians are easily confused.  ( partly because even good ones have lots to think about ) When they talk the value of diversity( Proverbs 11:14) but don't practice it ( like now) best ,I feel,  to refer to someone who observes one of their key church doctrines ( well at least Capitalism) with some objectivity.  Lester Thurow .

Thurow is his imaginative work on the Future of Capitalism makes some very telling points about the cost of not using older trained people into old age . It costs a fortune to educate one person and yet the way the government follows the quick fixers ( pges 286 etc of his book) to take over , its no wonder Joe Hockey has finally realised they need to very positively encourage SOME people to stay in the workforce ( esp desperately lean public service in some areas like environment) till they are 70's --typically the liberal dummies think they can motivate us with mere money!

Not that reading Hockey an dthe others know what they are missing now it gone . maybe its just that 4/5 of people are looking to the pension and SKIING through the later years and te realization that like Labour they have no effective long term savings policy
tI  was forced out at 56 with at least 20 of my best years to my first love -- service of the public good. They like the PPublic service "of now,  hardly know the fun of saving a dollar before you make a dollar . All they know about is handing out our dollars . All the fun jobs are gone when all you see all day is accountants  studying 2 columns ( and out of context)  

Letter to the editor

If Vic Libs want a sure way to win the November election they should ditch the monitoring disease that insults the initiative and sense of responsibility of our talented and trained citizens . The disease and its cause  "misanthropy" were so well named by ( Brendan O Neill on  ABC's  Q&A last week . Whether its the fisherman at Apollo Bay or the teacher trying to teach, the distrust and monitor madness is killing initiative and common sense. 
So why is this now , the most unproductive exercise in the country , still being pushed by polys of all kinds.  We know they don't trust us, but does this glass half empty downer have something to do with they  fact that they don't know very much , and a pile of stats is better than what they have to go on otherwise .

Either way,  we deserve better treatment so we aren't spending our lives trying to show we are competent to those who are not- to those who think accountability is about filling out forms. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Most polys don't deserve the job - they don't ask enough questions

It has always been the role of Western governments  to anticipate risks for the sake of its people . Thats one way they have helped BUILD and lead highly productive ( in both the short and long term ) countries with sound health and environment policies.
We think the Greens are bad for losing faith in our history of effectiveness in this ( which means losing faith in our training and governing methods) -You don't believe me tell me HOW they would run " the education revolution " and see if you would vote for their suggestions !  Naturally the ABC Big Ideas hasn't tested the water on this , even though its suddenly realised recently that its "dangerous new ideas"( not highly inflated concepts of Big ideas ?)  that are really critical in the history of sustainable change .

But the Liberals are just as bad
. Having caught the same disease of self abnegation about themsleves ( not admitted of course) parliament and the people,  they have been hellbent on demolishing the systems of learning training and disciplining as well.Some CEO , by definition, is supposed to know hat he's doing .  Like some quiet revolution, many Libs,  if they ever thought about what they say they believe in,  would be happy with no government.They are the dummies who gave us excessive faith in CEO's - a top down "we know what we are doing "CEO culture .
You want an example - take The idea of improving water supply 
specifically Take the way both sets of ignoramuses have let Coca Cola Advertisers and Pure water manufacturers steal our children's right to a panic free future with OUR rain. We now pay really big for NO apparent or known RISK factors.

All you need to make money out of the consumer and keep your party in the media spotlight these days is to create a bit of fear .The wannabes aren't wise enough to know either way - nothing new there.

What's new about this pathetic lot of wannabes is that  they no longer care that they are "ill advised"
  And so then where "the public health benefit system" when the public needs em? ---when the vulnerable audience to " authority " need  a good cooling off over media induced panic and a little bit of common sense talk about real risk levels.  .

Democracy dies ,not with a bomb, but with wimps (afraid to ask questions and challenge the popular myth)