Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seriuosly stupid thinking

Is to assume Polys know what they are doing. Get that..

If you read no further ,,,, you won't waste any of your normal  thinking time.

Careless talk on the subject of POLLUTION                The faith is ---the market ( thats" the tram" and "the pricing" words)
he trusts the technology of markets ( like so many) . The problem is multifaceted
-if C02 is not the problem decades of rhetoric are wasted 

-even if the way to deal with it is also completely obscured by faith ( as if breathing( stoma) , farting can be controlled by " the market ")

What the people want is not science but something really simple ! 
 If we are going to tell the truth here we need to be careful quoting any poly of any kind . Stick to science and not the technology for eg of how to reduce emmissions.
Technically C02 is NOT a pollutant .It is usually recycled being one of the most 
durable and safe and relaible associaites of living systems . It can be considered for example as a fertilizer . Double the conc of C02 in atmos and you double the rate of photosynthesis . [ C02] concentration is a rate limiting equation for most photosynthesis on the planet.