Monday, May 26, 2014

Haven't you sold it all yet ?

One day our parliament will realise the consequence of not believing in its role as owner and gatekeeper will be that its off the main highway . Sounded like a good idea at the time .
 Not only  have we have sold the Telecom lines to some rich capitalist, but somehow that new philosophy of ownership means that that  capitalist purchased the right to employ his servants to ring us over tea time to join the chorus of business quacks to tell us how some new fear should envelop us .
Tonight I had a call from a servant determined to give me some free light bulbs-
"I don't care how many globes you give me mate" - I don't want to support the Govt. to try and persuade me it knows what's good for me .

Worse,  business sure knows how to drum up business - get us worried about something.  

I thought we put the Libs in to stop this presumption and give us back our freedom to be good , our freedom to learn ( so we didn't fear )  and our freedom to put our own choice of globes in .