Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ignorance and Arrogance on Environment

Nothing will help modern Australian governments more than finding a way to get OBJECTIVE advice about soil water land and biodiversity questions . Neither farmers nor armchair experts and Green activists  can be trusted on this .
Our world, its wars , its food and its security in investment are dependant on getting this right  The mess of constant fighting about who knows what could go on for centuries .
There is a way forward cultivate local specific objective environment advice and ditch the empires and those who build them . A better democratic project for the 21st century I cannot think of .
Recent letter of mine to the papers .

Common advice to new Councillors is to "take expert advice seriously" . This is good advice ,but it is definitely not the best advice. The best advice is to take on " much advice " as is written on the floor of the Victorian Parliament .
The people in the big smoke don't know everything and one person can't be trusted to know all there is to know on the public good subjects in question.Sorry people, but those of you who live in cities are especially ignorant and arrogant on the subject of environmental risk --if only your leaders would admit it.    
Which of your former Councillors briefed themselves widely on the environmental risk questions which often plague their terms of office . I know having written to many many Shires on the subject of environmental risk for over thirty years, just how little that happens. The waste extends up to the golden thread weavers in Spring street who once thought they could make water .
Many post Kennett Councils have made the very bad and expensive habit of taking and seeking little advice, and from outsiders to the local area. They pay monkeys, and not with peanuts.   
Please Councillors, don't be a bunch of smart arses ( alecs) who think the only good advice comes from above.

.Democrats used to all believe in wisdom from the ground up. I wish all new Councillors well in keeping a better balance that truly respects local sources of wisdom.

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